Plastic bottles' already part of our lives. It's here to stay as part of humanity's civilized lifestyle.

However, statistics show that 8 million plastic pollution finds its way into our ocean daily, 79% of plastic waste is sent to landfills or the ocean, while only 9% is recycled and 12% gets incinerated. We still continue to use it. The impact it has to the ocean our kids future and in all of humanity as a whole is irrepairable.

Nonetheless, we believe that one small thing after another can make a huge impact to the environment and to all of us as whole.


ActivityBabe's mission is to recycle the used plastic bottles and turn them into long lasting product than just a single use. In addtion, we would only use high quality organic materials fabric such as bamboo to the rest of our product line.

Our products are designed for your indoor workouts or outdoor activities that offers comfort and durability. We believe that doing business that benefits the environment is not just noble but also very creative.

We will be releasing exciting news in the next few weeks. So hang tight and it's gonna one heck of a ride!

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